Become an Executive

The executive team is responsible for the planning and organization of all BMYC events, initiatives, and ambassadors. Their job is to represent the council and ensure that all of our events run smoothly. The team encompasses passionate and hardworking individuals working to further the council’s purpose. Executives have the opportunity to develop their leadership, teamwork, and networking skills, but above all they have loads of fun! Although no executive positions are available at this time, stay updated through our website or social media outlets for more opportunities.

Become an Ambassador

The Ambassadors of BMYC team up with the executives in order to plan, organize, and promote all of the events that the council hosts. They also help BMYC spread the message of multiculturalism to youth by representing the council in their schools. Along with gaining knowledge about different cultures, ambassadors have the opportunity to develop their teamwork and communication skills, meet new people, and make new friends. If you feel that you would be a great addition to the team, consider becoming an ambassador!

Attend an Event

BMYC hosts a diverse amount of events and conferences, which showcase the unique aspects of different cultures. Through these events, the council aims to help youth embrace their culture, and gain a new perspective of its role in their lives. Last year, BMYC launched their Hidden Cultures event: a series of workshops, each focusing on a specific culture from around the world. BMYC’s events are fun, interactive, and a great opportunity to meet new people!

Sponsor Us

BMYC is a student run organization, which holds events based on the funds received from grants and sponsors. BMYC accepts monetary and/or material donations. By sponsoring BMYC, you help youth have a voice and carry out their ideas. We really value our sponsors and recognize them through our media outlets and events.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us!   

Form a Partnership

BMYC is all about spreading the message of diversity, equality, and cultural awareness. We’d love to collaborate with other  youth groups and community organizations who share our vision in order to spread the message, increase youth engagement, and make a difference. If you feel that we can work together in any way, shoot us a message!

Share us on Social Media

BMYC is always on the move! If you want to stay updated on the council’s latest activities, like our Facebook page and follow BMYC on Twitter and Instagram, @bmyc4diversity. We would also really appreciate it if you shared our media outlets with your friends so we can reach out to more people!

Write a Blog or Make a Vlog For Us! 

Do you have a story about multiculturalism or diversity to share? Do you want to express your opinion about stereotypes, equality, or perspectives? If you have something you want to contribute to BMYC, write a blog or film a vlog and email it for the council for us to feature on the website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!