Hidden Cultures of The World Event

BMYC planned to spread ideas about multiculturalism through a series of conferences. It was from this idea that “Hidden Cultures” was born.

The Goal

Through Hidden Cultures, BMYC strived to motivate youth to learn about their own cultures as well as create an appreciation for other cultures.

The Details

People from different cultures accept each other to some extent but do not take the initiative to understand other cultures. The workshops offered a thorough focus on the “forgotten” art forms - and through this promoted an in-depth understanding of different cultures rather than a superficial one.

Hidden Cultures consisted of four events in 2013, which were supported by the youth in action grant.  Each focused on a specific region, these regions were: Eastern Europe (May 5th) , Oriental Asia (May 4th), South Asia (April 28), and Africa (April 27). Each event was hosted at Turner Fenton Secondary School for four hours and as part of the change the world campaign, volunteer hours were given to participants.  

The Result

- Around a 100 participants over the span of the four workshops. 

- Unforgettable memories made

- New friendships formed

- Knowledge gained

- Inspiring speakers 

- New things tried 

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Sophia Glisch

Sophia Glisch is a first-year student at the University of Toronto who spends the majority of her time with scientific research, education-related entrepreneurship, and polyglotism.  She is the founder of Top Tutors, Student’s Everything Seminar, Secretary of the Initiative for Inspiration and Innovation at U of T, former Director of Canadian Young Scientist Journal and more.  Sophia also has a large amount of experience with languages as she is beginning to learn her fifteenth (casually proficient) language, Lovari Romani. Overall, Sophia is a passionate individual that strives to help everyone around her through her various initiatives.

Laura Suen

Laura Suen is Chinese-Canadian physicist, gamer and science journalist who was the youngest contestant to compete on Discovery Channel's Canada's Greatest Know-It-All. She has also appeared on George Strombo's Tonight and CBC's Canada's Smartest Person, where she placed second overall and gained the title of Canada's smartest woman. Laura spends her free time volunteering and promoting an interest in leadership and science among youth. 


Vicky Dhillon

Vicky Dhillon was elected to serve as the City Councillor for Wards 9 and 10 in the 2006 municipal election of Brampton. Dhillon is an active member of the community. He was the President of the Brampton-Springdale Federal Liberal Riding Association. Vicky now represents the residents of Wards 9 and 10, two of the fastest growing wards in the City of Brampton.  Vicky believes that safety and security is most important for the residents of Brampton, and he works hard to keep our city drug free and safe for our residents.  For his dedication and community, work the Peel Mulitcultural Council presented Vicky with a Volunteer Appreciation Award.  

Dr. Brad Bass

Dr. Brad Bass is an adjunct professor in the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment. He is a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize, awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the recent recipient of the Green Roof Research Award. Brad has been very successful at networking and his own network includes his former students as well as collaborators from around the world. Brad is known for encouraging his own students to start building their networks, and will often take them to networking events to get them in this endeavour. 




Major Sponsors


The Region of Peel, United Way of Peel Region and Volunteer MBC acted as the major support for BMYC's event "Hidden Cultures". The Region of Peel and the United Way of Peel Region granted us a Youth In Action grant. It's a grant that gives funding to youth in order for them to pursue there ideas. We are honoured to be a part of the program. Youth in Action has given us the opportunity to really put in action our ideas. Volunteer MBC acts as the sponsoring organization for the grant. Volunteer MBC has been a great support and we are really grateful to be working with them. Therefore, we would like to thank the Region of Peel, United Way of Peel Region and Volunteer MBC for helping turn our idea into reality. 

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