What is Reppin' Brampton?

One of the key contributing factors to oppression and inequality is the lack of representation.  With our new workshop series, Reppin' Brampton, BMYC hopes to tackle the very issue. Each Reppin' Brampton workshop explores the roles of cultural representation in different facets of the world, with themes ranging from law enforcement to athletics. Attendees learn about cultural representation through discussion, which is sparked by the 2-3 panelists that are a part of every workshop. Each panelist has relevant experience to topic of each event, and aims to spark and engage conversation with attendees. Reppin' Brampton allows youth to understand cultural representation through multiple smaller lenses, rather than being overwhelemed with the entire concept at once. Watch the following video for another quick intro to what Reppin' Brampton is all about!


Workshop Outline

Law enforcement - Nov 24th 2016

Politics - March 2nd 2017

Entertainment - March 31st 2017

Business - June 30th 2017

Technology - TBD


     Partnered with Access Innovation

     Partnered with Access Innovation

BMYC would like to thank Access Innovation for funding Reppin' Brampton.  To learn more about Access Innovation please visit: http://www.accessinnovation.ca